Quick guide to metal fabrication

In order to shape different kind of metal objects into their state, a manufacturing process of metal fabrication is adapted. Most of the times, when people here about metal fabrication in Dubai, welding and molding comes to their minds, but that is just a fraction of what this whole fabrication is about. In building paper clips to airplane parts, metal fabrication plays a major role.

One side of metal fabrication produces mass consumption materials which are needed in the daily day to day life and holds a significance in them. Screw drivers, cutlery and pipes etc. are some examples of it. Apart from that, the other side of metal fabrication provides us with the parts of a car or a plane. Usually this side of metal fabrication industry takes up orders from companies who customize metal materials such as signage companies in UAE, or a television production. Even mobiles are made out of metal.

Metal fabrication can be divided into three different industries, commercial, industrial and structural. Briefly explained below:

Commercial products

This one is very obvious, a commercial fabrication designs products and creates objects which are common consumer products. They can include a vast variety of screwdrivers and parts of cars.

Industrial Products

Industrial fabrication creates such products which help in manufacturing commercial products. They are mostly tools and instruments which are needed aside from heavy machinery. They include bandsaws and iron working machines.

Structural Products

As suggested by its name, it is a branch of metal fabrication which creates parts for large-scale structures which include shops, buildings, skyscrapers and many more.

There are three main steps included in the metal fabrication. From designing a metal to assembling a part, everything is summarized in these processes. It requires a team of experts who can handle heavy building objects and carry out the tasks with great efficiency. Not only manual labor is needed, in fact advanced technologies are also involved in making the process easier.

It is because of the tireless efforts of these people that we are very easily able to buy a single screw and use it without even noticing the heavy labor that is involved behind it. This is the reason why celebrating labor’s day is so important; we could recognize and appreciate the efforts of them.