Branding and its limitations – Things you should know

There is no doubt that branding has so much importance in marketing. If anything, it is considered amongst the best marketing tools available out there these days. Without this marketing tool, you cannot enhance your business. If you have a new business definitely you need branding for your product. This is because branding helps you to stand out in the market. Good branding will always be good for your business whether it is small or large business.

There are lots of branding companies in UAE and many are considered the best branding companies in Dubai. You can also acquire the services of a  creative agency in Abu Dhabi. These companies always provide you their professional and skilled services. But there are also some disadvantages of branding. It discourages from trying other products and sometime leads to monopoly which is not good thing for market. Branding is also expensive and it takes too much time. You have to take responsibilities to maintain your quality consistently that is difficult thing. If the quality of product is decreasing, your clients can switch to another product. This thing will make your business weak.

Let’s see some limitations or disadvantages of branding.

  1. It discourages consumers from trying other Products:

Sometime brand loyalty becomes hazel for consumer because it discourages the consumer from trying other products which can be more satisfying for them.

  • It always leads to monopoly:

Branding always leads to some kind of monopoly which is known as brand monopoly. But it is created gradually. Ultimately brand loyalty becomes brand monopoly.

  • It can at times create confusion:

Sometime consumer gets confused in product selection. This situation becomes more difficult when all the brands carry same quality and value satisfaction. Then consumer has to choose the best option.

  • Substandard Goods:

It is common when brand becomes popular, manufacturer place in use inferior and sub standards goods. This thing discourages the consumers and ultimately consumer switch to other brand.

  • Branding is expensive:

To build up brand and recognition is very expensive. Small size business men cannot afford these expenses because of low budget.

  • It Imposes the responsibilities:

Branding impose the responsibilities on business to maintain the quality consistently and value satisfaction. If they fail to do so, customer will identify the brand owner and can file the complaint under the relevant law like the Consumer Protection Act. Then brand owner have to pay for it.