Creative ideas related to exhibition stand designs

When we talk about the presentation of exhibition set up then its display matters a lot. While talking about the impression of your exhibition, display of your exhibition plays a key role. Therefore, we have enlisted some creative ideas for your exhibition stand designs. If you are looking for exhibition stand builders in Dubai then you can visit site by clicking here.

  1. Beacons:

Beacons are considered as most interactive ideas for exhibition set up. But there is one limitation that their use is limited to android phones only. But you can also take advantage of this because now a days a high percentage of persons use android phones. So this technology will be easily accessible to all persons. You can add beacons around each of product that you are promoting in your exhibition.

  • Use of VR technology:

Now VR technology is now in trending and people attract more towards virtual reality. You can impress your customers by using the latest technology. 

  • Lighting display:

Lighting will give attractive look to your exhibition stand. You can add inspirational stand designs. Now a days, many lighting displays are available in market such as linear style controlled lighting or familiar lighting techniques etc. 

  • Gamification:

Gamification can be utilized as best idea to grab your customer’s attention. But you should add industry focused quizzes or types of games according to your targeted market. You can also provide your customers something cost effective that you can afford and your customers also enjoy to use it. 

  • Product displays:

Product display can be the best use of technology to attract your customers. You can display some animation videos on your LEDs. Customers will attract by seeing these videos and it will also differentiate your set up from others. 

  • Encourage social sharing:

You can also add value of your exhibition set ups by social sharing. You can add use of social media, reviews of your customers and many other things like this.

  • Add use of props:

You can also add use of props to grand attention of your customers. Because people like fun games now a days and these are also used for capturing moments. There are many other types of fun games and you can also provide them photo booth so it will add value to your set up.