Pros and cons of wedding flowers

Have you ever seen a wedding without flowers? Definitely not, because wedding without flower is apathetic and not possible. When the wedding date fixed both bride and groom start looking to flowers for their wedding. Flowers rate gets too much high on wedding seasons. For wedding flowers selection takes too much time, money and effort. So you have to make budget and have to spend time selecting the flowers and their designs. That is why some florist businessmen have introduced online flowers apps. They provide you all important information and designs of flowers. so it is time saving and money saving. Flower shops in Abu Dhabi are getting attention for wedding event even from other countries in these days because of their quality products. And these shops are exporting flowers now. These shops and their online apps are providing flower delivery in UAE Abu Dhabi.  

You have read so many articles about flowers but in this article we are going to let you know about the usefulness and drawbacks of flowers on wedding. And you can figure out that which one is best for you for your wedding event. Let’s know the pros and cons of your some favorite flowers.

Calla Lilies: these flowers are famous for the elegance and for different colors such as yellow, orange and white. These flowers are best for weddings because their appearance looks beautiful. These flowers can be used alone for decoration in wedding. But this flower has some pros and cons. 

Pros: you don’t require any other flower in the presence of calla lilies. These flowers are elegant and keep the environment eye catching. This flower is perfect alone for your party.

Cons: these flowers are unforgiving if they handled wrongly.

Daisies: these flowers are excellent choice for wedding, because they add simplicity to the bouquet. These flowers are available in multi colors. And these flowers represent the innocence and purity. These flowers can also be used for centerpiece and as well as bouquet. 

Pros: these flowers are versatile and affordable. And these can be used for formal and informal events. 

Cons: these flowers work well with wires from inside the stem but these flowers don’t hold well when wire wrapped.

These two types of flowers are major parts of wedding events. And both flowers have some pros and cons. you can make your own choice now.