Reasons to Obtain a Passport True Copy in Dubai

Reasons to Obtain a Passport True Copy in Dubai

In most countries, a passport true copy in Dubai of a document is issued by a notary public. In Dubai, the process is done by a notary public. A notary public is an official who attests the copies and compares them to the originals. Typically, this service is performed on passports, but national identification cards are also common. In some countries, a notary can certify the true copy for a fee.

A certified true copy of a document is an original replica issued by a lawyer or solicitor. It is required for many transactions outside of the country, including property transfers and company incorporation. In addition, a certified true copy is required for immigration and various other transactions that require documents to be verified. The copy issued by a lawyer must have the same picture and signature as the original. If the person does not have the original document, a lawyer or notary can verify it in person.

It is essential for transactions

A certified true copy is essential for transactions in the UAE. This document is required for buying and selling real estate and submitting tax returns. It is also required by third parties outside the UAE for many other purposes. In the UAE, the true copy of a passport is a legal document that confirms an individual’s identity and eligibility for employment. In some cases, a true copy of a passport can be used for business, education, and other purposes.

Essential for immigration purposes

A certified true copy of a passport is useful for a variety of purposes. People often need to submit a certified true copy for immigration purposes. If a person has lost or misplaced an original document, the certified true copy can serve as a replacement. This document is not expensive and will allow a person to keep the original. It can also be used for business-related matters, employment, and even bank opening.

It is a legal requirement by lawyers

Having the true copy certified by a lawyer is a legal requirement. A notary will attest a copy as true if the document has been attested by a legal professional. If the original document has been attested by a lawyer, it will be attested as a certified true copy. Whether a person wants a passport certified by a notary or not, this type of documentation will need to be authenticated.

Helps to avoid travel delay

Another reason to have a certified true copy of your passport in the UAE is to avoid a travel delay. Often, visa applications require a true copy of a document. The true copy is a copy of the original document that is legally valid. In the UAE, this is considered a legal document, and a certified copy is notarized. A notarized document is a photocopy of the original.