Step by Step Guide on How to Get a Dubai Free Zone Trade License

Having a business in Dubai is like having gold mine. The percentage of unsuccessful business in Dubai is only 21% out of 100. This rate of unsuccessful businesses exists because some businesses cannot pay a lot of taxes and they cannot save a lot of money when they have to partner with an Emirati. But what these businesses need to know that there are places in Dubai where they don’t need to pay huge taxes or partner with anyone. Such places are called the Dubai Free Zones. This is where Dubai Multi Commodities Centers (DMCC) are established. In the early days of development of Dubai, free zones only had small enterprises and now there are hotels, restaurants and other services companies who are getting developed every day.

Although, free zones have easy to go policies but they still need a huge investment. If you have investment of 100,000 AED to 150,000 AED only then you can start a business in free zone areas and if you have less then 50,000 AED then you can open business in Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah or Umm Ul Quwain. But if you have a partner in the company, you will have to double the amount. This amount will be used as a registration charges to apply for the license. And this amount will also be helpful in opening a business account in any bank.

You need to have an office of more than 15 square meters and have employees in it. All employees must have medical insurances and you may require auditing services as well. You can hire auditing services by different companies and these companies are registered with the government. Audit is done on 6 months basis and on annual basis. Talking about offices, you can buy an office on lease since, you can’t buy property in UAE or you can rent it. And in that office, you will need to make or adjust workspaces for employees. You can also rent an office in business centers.

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