The History and Origins of Giving Gifts

The tradition of giving gifts goes back thousands of years ago. People used to offer gifts to gods to please them in order to grant their wishes. Even animals, gift each other in order to mate and man is a social animal who love their loved ones and to show affection they gift things to each other. People gift each other when a child is born and it will continue till the relation ends or the life ends of the any of the person. If there is a wedding or an anniversary. In some cultures, people also do offerings for the dead. Cavemen and women used to gift each other precious stones, flowers, make a painting with animal blood or fruit color, make them coats out of animal skin.

The Egyptians celebrated their birthdays even before it was considered to be a trend. Giving necklaces, rings and bracelets made of gold and rare stones to the pharaohs on their birthday days or if their child was born. Because people believed that they are being re-born, even after the death of pharaohs, the pyramids were built for them as a huge grave for them as a gift. But before the Egyptians the ancient Greeks were the basic trend setters of giving gifts. They celebrated the birthday of the person and if they didn’t celebrate it, they believed that evil spirits would haunt him/her forever. So, in order to prevent it, they used to go to the person’s place and bring him/her food and gifts for her. Even blowing candles trend was set by the Greeks to send the gods messages.

Now let’s jump to the mid of the century and their way of gifting. The classy era gifted each other with rare paintings and jewels or books. Anything which was expensive or priceless in the heritage. And such gifts were rare to come by because such gifts were given to big politicians or kings and queens to honor them or these were gifted when they had a successful deal or contract. At such times, people used to kill exotic animals and gift the skins and horns to the other party. They also gave gifts of rare animals to them. Although, women received weird gifts like; washbasins or customized under garments.

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