Things You Probably Don’t Know About Sports Physiotherapists

Things You Probably Don’t Know About Sports Physiotherapists

A sports physio in Dubai specializes in treating injuries sustained during sporting activities. While they are trained in general physical therapy, they also specialize in injuries sustained during sporting events. These types of injuries are different from those sustained during everyday activities. Many of these injuries are the result of overuse and repetitive stress on the body. Injuries suffered during sports are usually caused by falling or spraining an ankle or knee.

They perform a detailed assessment of injury:

A sports physiotherapist will perform a detailed assessment of the injury. This involves assessing the entire kinetic chain involved in a particular sports movement pattern. They will then customize a treatment plan to address the specific cause of the injury. They will also ask about important competitions coming up shortly to ensure that a patient will receive the right care. And if you’re a competitive athlete, your sports physiotherapist will also determine the proper training and nutrition program for your sport.

They have knowledge about body parts:

Physiotherapists are also knowledgeable about most body parts. Because an athlete’s body is under extra stress during a sporting event, a sports physiotherapist will have to have a thorough understanding of every part of their body. That’s why they should understand what prone areas of the body are, how to properly perform rehabilitation exercises, and which muscles are most likely to experience injuries during an event.

Help you stay active and prevent injury:

Using physical therapy can help you stay active and prevent injury. Besides addressing injury, a sports physiotherapist also helps athletes improve their biomechanical weaknesses. This can mean the difference between missing a practice, season, or even game. A sports physiotherapist can identify biomechanical weaknesses and help athletes maintain muscle strength. They can also identify changes in posture, which can lead to injuries.

Helps to assess injuries in a patient:

An important role of a sports physiotherapist is to assess injuries in a patient. The physiotherapist must be skilled in assessing the body to diagnose and treat the ailment. The physiotherapist must also be aware of the modifiable risk factors that contribute to injuries. It is important to seek out an experienced, highly qualified sports physiatrist.

They have skills and specialization in managing sports injuries:

A sports physiotherapist has a unique skill set and specializes in managing sports injuries. They are trained to evaluate the condition of the body and make suggestions for safe participation in sports. They also work closely with groups and rivalries to determine the best way to treat the injury. Whether a sports physiotherapist works in private or public facilities, the profession is rewarding and can increase your quality of life.