Is diabetes truly a threat?

Diabetes is a disease which is serious and requires quite a lot of attention. Diabetes disease cause when sugar level is goes too high. Diabetes can be identified by blood tests. When glucose is not going into your cell and stays in the blood. It increases blood glucose high. Food produce glucose when you eat and insulin hormones transfer the glucose in the cells to produce energy but when insulin stops to work then glucose remain in the blood. Diabetes causes serious problems such as eyes, kidneys, nerves can affect. The big and severe effect would be on heart.   You may be lucky to find a good doctor, to be among the luckiest try to go for diabetes clinic in Dubai.

Early symptoms of diabetes:

 The early symptoms of the disease may include:

  1. You may have blur vision
  2. You may have a dry mouth
  3. headaches
  4. quickly weight loss
  5. fatigue
  6. you may be every time thirsty
  7. you may be every time hungry 
  8. frequent urination. 

There are two types of diabetes mainly, Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Type 1: 

In type 1 diabetes when immune systems stop possessing resistance against infections and toxins. environmental factors have many viruses and diseases. When immune system doesn’t help in fighting with attackers so body can easily get into. 

Type 2:

 Hormones that transfer glucose in to the cells to boost the energy. These hormones are fall d insulin hormones. When insulin hormones do not play an important role or do not take part actively. Glucose take position in the blood that makes blood level high. Extra Wight is a main cause of insulin resistance. 

Gestational diabetes:

There is another type of diabetes that can happens with the pregnant women. Diabetes disease occurs during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. 

There are several causes:

Mostly, in pregnancy women gain overweight in the result insulin hormones flinched due to extra weight and won’t work against insulin resistance. Moreover, when women have a family history of diabetes then she will develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. 

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