The causes of depression

Everybody has a feeling of sadness, loss of interest in something, loss of pleasure, and feeling down, but if these symptoms continuously affect us, we may have depression issues. In the past few years, depression has become a common mental health issue for children and as well as adults. Nobody can find genuine reasons for depression because of its complexity. But many reasons may cause depression. Mostly, people who have a medical illness for a long time face depression, and the rest of the people may have other reasons for depression-like death of loved ones, sexual abuse, and family history. However, we are going to discuss other factors that may cause depression, thereby leading people to seek depression counseling Dubai.

Physical or emotional abuse:

Any type of abuse, whether it is sexual, emotional, or physical abuse, increases the chances of depression in the people. For some people, it is hard to forget harsh things from the past, which leads to depression.

Frequent usage of drugs:

People who are addicted to taking drugs like isotretinoin, corticosteroids, and interferon-alpha are likely to face depression. Sometimes the unavailability of drugs makes them weaker, which leads to depression.


Conflict with family loved ones, or friends may increase the chances of depression in a person. If the conflict is not solved, depression can be more harmful to you. In such a case, you should seek help from an online psychologist Dubai.

Death or loss of loved ones:

Sadness is a common thing when someone leaves you or gets dead, but frequent sadness or grief increases the risk of depression for you. Depression with sadness is extremely dangerous for mental health.

Family history:

Depression is also occurring due to family history.  Genetic depression is also known as a psychiatric disorder which is needed to be overcome in an early stage. If a father or mother has depression issues for long, you are more likely to have a depression problem.

Major event:

Many people are affected by depression due to certain events such as losing jobs, divorce, and retiring.  You would not believe that some good events may also cause depression-like passing graduation, getting a new job, or getting married. These events may lead to depression issues.

Other personal issues:

Many other personal issues like loneliness, isolation, survival of self-esteem, and spending life without family increase the risk of depression.

Serious medical illness:

People who have medical health issues for a long time are likely to face clinical depression.