Tips on taking care of your spine

We all are aware from the importance of spine in our body. Our daily chores are not possible if there is even minor pain in spine. So it is of prime importance to take care of our spine. Minor problems related to movement of body can be treated at home or by doing some extra care of your body but if the pain is uncontrolled then you must visit spine hospital in Dubai or neurology doctor in Dubai.

Therefore, we have enlisted few ways by which you can take care of your spine an there will be no need to visit neurology doctor often.

Give complete rest to your spine:   spine provides basic support to our body and al of our body movements depend upon spine. So there is need to give complete rest to your spine to perform activities in your life. So, always lie down in complete resting position so that your spine may relax properly. Always choose comfortable mattress, pillow and comfortable sleeping position. Do not lie down on hard surface as it will not relax your spine.

Do some exercises at home:   it is not always necessary to go to gym to keep your body healthy and fit. If you have busy tough routine and you have no time for gym then you can do exercises at home to keep your body active. 15 mins from your daily routine to exercises will keep your body healthy and fit. So you can also specifically go for the exercises for spine. In mostly spine disorders, physiotherapy is suggested. So you must do exercise if your doctor has suggested physiotherapy sessions for you.

Wear comfortable shoes:   always go for the shoes which will give comfort to your body, back muscles. If you are not comfortable with heels then don’t go for heels. Being comfortable is far important than being trendy. You can go for flats, wedges and block heels instead of pointed heels.

Do physical activities:   our body muscles need proper movement. Too much relaxing position is not good for health of our muscles so you must do some physical activities to give movement to your muscles.

 Keep an eye on your weight:  never give extra burden to your spine that your spine can not bear. So you must keep your body weight according to your BMI.